MDWIX Narratives: TubeBKC Prelude:

Aims and Objective of MDWIX Digital Narratives.

I am Md Kamaluddin, the founder and Chief architect of this web page namely Digital Narratives. It is basically my mind child that would be dreamed to fly in the wings of global horizon carrying my messages to the every corner of the world. I would be familiar to the world through my brain child TubeBKC. I aim to extend my support to the promising digital publishers to resolve their daily quarries about the Digital Article composition, Publishing and public distribution with relevant illustrations. It seems to be the right places for learning the composing styles of digital articles, linguistic proficiency and the quality of expression.  It's e
ach and every contents emphasize on relevant of  accurate reflex on proper and authentic information of the subject matter. This Narratives is a free digital eBook on Culture, Literature, Education, Inspiration and Motivation. Here I  publish the self composed Articles on Literature including Audio Video Contents on folk and classical India, Indian Arts, Culture, Literature, Life Style. Moreover this is a Journal of Indian Arts and Humanities. It includes but not limited to Self synthesis Essays, Prose, Poems, Folktales, Fables, Novel and Short stories. After all TubeBKC is a digital documentary of my thoughts and Experience throughout my Life and Profession.  
This is a compilation with lot of Articles along with a supportive vocabulary in the fields of Education and Learning of English language & literature that might be beneficial to the digital publishers.

                                 The List of Articles is enclosed herewith.

    So everyone is highly welcome for an active participation as contributor, reader, reviewer. Anybody wish to take part on the holistic approaches to the endeavor of MDWIX  
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