The roots and Basics of mythological Indian Art | Spiritual impacts on Painting, Sculpture, Architecture.

Comprehensive interpretation of Arts|Typical Structure of Indian Arts.

Art is the qualitative and intensive imaginary aptitude of human brain. Human being by instinct always try to make an emblem for the next generation. It is true for all their activities that regard to their life times event. They kept record their events and activities, belief and faith to religious aspects, Social and family life, occupation, education by means of writing manuscript, painting, making sculpture, architecture or making some group performance representing an event. The capabilities of imaginary representation of actual events or happenings are demonstrated as Arts.

The Subject Arts are basically classified as three types. 1) Visual Arts. 2) Performing Arts. 3) Literary Arts. MDWIX  will published more details articles on different aspects of Indian Arts & activities. Please keep in touch with us.


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