Indian Foods: Essence and Flagrance for Common to Elite Best Choices.

India is the epitome of the world. There are approximately 130 crores of  people living in India. The country is 3000 KM wide from east to west and north to south. With different geographical resources they are living in different parts of India. There are diversification on habits, religion,culture and profession. All these factors definitely impact on food habits of different peoples. Indian Foods are categorized on basis of region, religion, ingredients, cuisine and Standard of living. Gradually we are trying to demonstrate all these aspect in different articles below:

1. The affordable and delicious foods for common Indians.
2. The festive or occasional foods for common peoples of India.
3. The elegant foods for the higher Class people of India.
4. Indian Continental Dishes for foreigner travel to India.
5. North Indian foods essence.
6. South Indian foodies.
7. North East Indian foods festoon.
8. Indian Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian food journal.
9. Best and famous restaurants cuisine menu.
10. Indian Street foods familiarization.  

Hope all you will get a summery of Indian food culture.

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