How did a Cow Boy become a School master ? An inspiring story of a Shepherd boy: Repay of Parental Debt.

Repay of Parental Debt.

Story of Bilu Mahali- The Exceptional Diligent Overcame His Misfortune. 


         This is an inspiring story of a Shepherd boy. The name of this boy was Bilu Mahali. Mahali is a tribal community of India origin. This caste belongs to Indian schedule tribal community, the ancient but the undeveloped race from the trace of Indian civilization. Their overall social standing is very poor, most of the people living on daily labour wages working in farm house or agriculture fields. The idle time except the farming season, they weave basket from bamboo cane or rope from coconut straw. Thus they fulfill their bread arrangement minimally. Most of the day they sleep with half meal, dreaming for a new day with full feeding, but at end of the day all in vain. Again they had to see the hope of next shining day. Far away from the civilized colony these tribal resided in muddy hut with paddy straw thatched roof. Chandu was one of the faithless labourer among the other hundreds in the desolated colony in the village, Selarpur.

     Chandu lived with his two sons and his soul mate Bhabna. Bilu was the elder among the two. Second brother of Bilu was Kali. Chandu had a dream to send  his kids to school. Bilu was in primary classes and he was too kin to his readings. One day Kadir Master, the local school teacher, the helpful man of the society, said Chandu: "Your son is enough brilliant to continue in his study. "Chandu feels happy hearing the teachers' advise.     

      After completing Primary classes, Bilu was admitted to High School. Chandu came from school with a list of books and student accessories. He could not read any more. Chandu was wearing his torn shirt. Bhabna came and asked him calmly: "Where are you going to?" Chandu  told her, " Going to kadir master's house, need his help." Kadir, sir helped a lot to the education aspirant.  

       Chandu knocked at kadir house. " Who is calling?"- the sound came from inside the house. " I am Chandu, Chandu Mahali" Chandu replied. Meanwhile Kadir came to him.  " Oh! Chandu, Come inside" kadir welcame him to the chair in front of his study table. "Tell me about your coming" Kadir asked Chandu. Chandu hesitantly said " I am highly hopeful about my son's career, school gave this booklet to buy these books and accessories, But I have not money to buy all these. Please help me. "Kadir sir nodded his head and stared to Chandu. He found a shining dream beneath a distressed father.  "Ok Chandu, Continue, I help you with my affordability" Kadir assured him and opened his drawer. "Keep this money to buy your son's belongings." kadir said mutely.

      Bilu was happy joining to new class in high School. He regularly went to school. He was performing well in the class. Chandu worked extra for his son. Everything was going moderately. But nature has its own uncanny rule. Every challenge has to ponder over many stumbling. Hardship always becomes harder for the fate less. The dark days on the family came soon. 

       It was the rainy season, all the villagers engaged in cultivation, plowing in field, farming saplings. Chandu had no time for rest. He had to earn much in that earning season. He put his higher effort than that of the other labours in his colony. 
       Early in the morning Chandu reached the fields. He was cutting weeds in the growing paddy fields. Suddenly he felt a biting pain in his right foot, looked around, found the cobra was absconding away. Chandu was panicked and shouted for help. His co workers rushed him. They saw his last struggling with scorching pain. Chandu lost his all dream with his last breathe.   

   The ultimate catastrophe came to Chandu's family. Bhabna became helpless and spellbound to sustain. First impact arose on Bilu's education. Bhabna had no alternate resources to cater her kids. After some day of social help, Bhabna was needed for self arrangement for family expenses. She was not suited for farming work but she managed a job as a house servant in the village master house.  Bilu had to leave school and joined with the shepherd, kali, second son was engaged as kid servant to a farmers house. 

      Iron determination with a true  dream never becomes die. What happen in next of Bilu's life, was the most epitome of winning on self will. After one month Bilu woke up in the early morning with a dubious feelings whether he had seen right or wrong. Just before his awakening from his dream, he was receiving the country's best teachers award. He became adamant to make his dream true. He washed his mouth and walked to his God's idol. " Hey! God give me strength to win my misstate so that I can make my dad's wish to be true. I can alive to carry  his holistic desire and make showers of awareness among the uncanny miser."-Bilu murmured in front his master. 

      He went to his mothers and saw she was sleeping till then. " Mom! Mom!"- he gently called his mother. " Who? Bilu? what happen my son?"- Bhabna asked him. "Yes mom" Bilu came close to his mother. " Mom- I shall continue my study, I wish to be a good teacher, please consider me " Bilu tried to convince his mother. " I also wish to see you as a teacher, but I am unable to bear the expenses, I am so sorry not to send you school, rather you are better to care the goats and sheep with the other shepherd."- Bhabna firmly told Bilu. He reminded his father's dream staring to the photo raised on the wall. Bilu insisted helplessly. Kali was standing nearby, found the shadow of faintness in his elder brother's face, came closer to them. "Mom don't break him, I shall work hard, please help my brother to his study"- Kali assured her mother. Bhabna wept to the passion of younger one. "You also dream as your father, only I can't encourage him, what a coward I am"-Bhabna disappointed herself.
As she heard about the kindness of kadir sir. She thought to tell him the situation. Surely he could give some way out. " Ok Bilu, I give thee my all to make your dream true, Carry on"- Bhabna affirmed to Bilu.

Bhavna went to kadir early on the day to tell him all the happenings. Kadir master listened all her words carefully. He assured her all sorts of help he would give Bilu to be a great teacher. Bilu had given a room in his Kadir's apartment and he was adopted for his study. While Bilu was there, he felt to repay his debt to all his mentors. So he was every times conscious about duties towards the loyalty of a good students. Within a short times he won the hearts of all as sincere pupil in the campus.

     At the age of twenty five Bilu completed his master degree in humanities with a university distinction. He was then Delhi university with his PhD. Studies in rural education and illiteracy eradication. He was called for his mother's expiry. He came to her funeral. " Mom! You also leave"- bereaved Bilu.

      After five years he returned to his native place. Meanwhile Kadir master had expired in a acute disease. He joined as an Arts teachers in his own school. His first oath was to serve the village students. Apart from his school hours he served in his night school established for those unprivileged like kali. Both Bilu and Kali became devotee for social education. Lastly he was awarded presidential prize for life time devotion of social need. While he was receiving the prestigious prize, he transparently saw the glowing face of his father, Chandu, mother Bhabna, Kadir sir and Kali.

       Within his life frame he wrote a numerous articles. One day kali found his brother had left for eternity leaving his incomplete book: "Repay of Parental Debt" lying on his bed.
                                                                          Composer & Author

                                                                         Md Kamaluddin

                                               The End                                                         

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