Right Judgement-A tale of Wisdom-How to Judge real convict in ambiguity-An Indian Folktale.

A Story of Right Judgement by wisdom -An Indian Folktale.

        The midnight was dark enough. All the villagers of Rampura was in deep sleep. Cricketers sound around the bushes are buzzing in deep tranquilities. 

             Ratana, a very simple & honest  man in the Rampura village, woke up to a whispering sound besides his room. He looked out his window, noticed a phantom shadow passing throughout the yard. He moved out his room. Silently he approached to the uncanny shadow. He caught the man behind. Oh! that was a thief who was running away robbing the valuables of his neighbors. 
He rigidly held the arms of the robber. The thief was trying hard to get rid of Ratana but failed to escape. Ratana started to shout, "Thief! Thief! Thief" to gather the villagers.

               The thief requested Ratana to let him escape away but Ratana did not allow him to go away. He repeatedly requested Ratana but all in vain. On the contrary, Ratana shouted loudly, "thief! thief! thief!". The robber was more clever. As he could not find any way out to escape from Ratana custody then he applied a simple trick. He threw away all the snatching things and he also started to Shout, "thief! thief! thief!". 

                   Hearing the sound , the villages came to them but they confused. They did not distinguish who the real thief were. They were spellbound to their argument. Finally the villagers tied them& they sent both Ratana and thief to the police station. Next day  both of them were placed judges court. Judge asked them who was the real thief but both of them were blaming to each other. Judge also confused about the real accused. Judges had decide to justify judiciously,  he told both of them, "you agree about the the sin so you have to accept the punishment." 

                      "You, both, go one mile away. there is a dead body lying in the road and you have to take that dead body to the court premises. that is all your punishment." As commandment, court bearer took them to that defined place to carry the dead body in their shoulder. Both of them took the dead body carriage in their shoulder and walked towards court. The day was with scorching sunlight and high humidity. Throughout their journey they became fatigue walking in hot and burning sunlight. While walking original thief told to the other, "Brother you are not taking my suggestion to leave me, so you are facing such suffering and this travel trouble if you agree with my proposal at that time then both of us would not have to suffer this hardship."

            Ratana told the real thief, "I am not guilty but I believe to the judiciary system so I accept this punishment. I have no grief at all." Thus they reached to courtyard and kept the dead body on the floor. Now judge asked the dead body, "Madan! What is the reality." Surprisingly, the dead body came out from the carriage and told, "Sir, this is the real thief and Ratana who is an innocent and truthful person." Then judges sorted out the real accused and sentenced the conviction to the real thief and released Ratana free of charge. This is an Indian folktale. This wise man was King of Literature, Shri Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay. He was simultaneously poet, novelist, journalist. More over the composer of Indian National song, "Vande Mataram".

Moral of the Story: How clever anyone tries to dodge the reality, he will be defeated by wisdom. Another part is that the innocent is always saved by divine.

                               Storyteller-Md Kamaluddin
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