The Liar Shepherd And Fierce Wolf-Do not Tell Lie in Pleasure-Moral Story for Inspiration and Motivation. MDWIX Fables.

A Universal Fables-How the fierce wolf took away sheep of the liar Shepherd Boy. MDWIX Fables and Moral Stories for kids. 

Introduction and Prelude:

         Hope all you are well. Today we are telling a most valuable moral story. This story is about the bitter consequence of liar shepherd boy. This boy lost his sheep that were taken by a fierce wolf. This story was actually published first in Aesop's fables, "The boy who cried wolf". This is one of the most popular fable among children and storyteller. This story has been re-told & re-written in various ways, in different fashions & expression in different languages. As Mdwix Digital Narratives is an inspiration & motivational study-Centre with an approach of social enlightenment, it also urges to retell the story in it's own style & own title name, "The Liar Shepherd And Fierce Wolf". The gist of the story is told here keeping the main subject and moral message intact with the said cover title. Now let's start the story.

The Liar Shepherd and The Fierce Wolf Story:

          Once upon a time, there was a small village outskirt of a forest near hill area. Most of the  villagers were living with cultivation and cattle farming. A shepherd boy also lived in that village. He looked after the sheep of the villagers. He used to take his herd of sheep to feed them. He drove them across the fields to the lawns of the fresh green grass. He was there from morning to evening everyday. Throughout the day, the flock of sheep grazed in the grassy field, the boy was sitting either in the lawn or on the branches of the trees. He had nothing to do the whole day. He felt boring. To overcome his boredom and monotony, one day he thought of a mischief. He would like to have a fun. He climbed up a tree and cried loudly, "wolf! , wolf! , The wolf is carrying away a lamb." The farmers working in the fields nearby came running with their sticks and asked him, "Where is the wolf ?" Th boy laughed and replied, "It was just a fun. Now all you can go away." They abused the boy and returned back.

                       Again after few days, he cried out, "Wolf! , Wolf!". The villagers came again running up to hill. They realized that the boy had fooled them. He laughed and laughed. However, they returned back with a high degree of angriness. They told him, " Next time they will not respond to the urge of help."

              After some days, the boy had perched up on a tree. He was singing a folk song amazingly. His flock of sheep were grazing. He suddenly noticed that a wolf was really coming towards the sheep. The boy cried loudly, "Wolf! , Wolf! , Wolf!, help me, help me." The villagers were hearing his voice clearly but none came to help him. The villagers thought that the boy was playing mischief again. The wolf chased the sheep. It had taken away a lamb and few of them fled away. The shepherd boy returned home crying only with few of his sheep. He got his lesson and promised not to tell a lie anymore.

Moral & Lesson:

                         This story teaches a great a lesson that a liar's truth is seldom believed. Elaborately it can be explained that people refuse to believe a liar even he truly says something. Every human being will get lesson from this story. Hope all you enjoy the story. 

Thanking all of You.
MDWIX Digital Narratives.


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