Honest Woodcutter and His Honesty| Honesty always rewards better- Mdwix Moral Story|

A moral story of an Honest Woodcutter| Lesson & Moral of the Story. Honesty pays reward.

                  Long day ago, there was a small village nearer to a forest. Most of the villager lived on wood cutting in the jungle. They sold 
the bundle of wood stuff to the merchant of local market. There was also a wood cutter who was focused here for his extreme honesty and simple lifehood. He was poor but honest & greedless. He was satisfied with his tiny earnings. 
Early in the morning, he used to wake up and started his day with sacred thoughts to be honest and simple. Everyday he went back from market with his daily foodstuffs. He was tired of his whole day hard working but was happy to live in simplicity.

 One fine morning, he was cutting wood sitting on the branches of a tree leaning towards the river water. Suddenly his axe slipped from his hand. It dipped into the river water. He starred to the flowing water spellboundly. He was looking completely helpless loosing his only axe on which he lived. He cried himself and sacredly prayed to goddess to return his only axe. There was a pure belief of power of divinity. The river goddess heard his melancholy sob. She was restless to his helplessness. The Goddess arose to him and asked, " Why are you weeping my son?," The poor woodcutter told his story. Goddess listened his narratives and felt his miser consequences. She then extended her hand and dipped into river water. She brought a golden axe and asked him, " Is this yours?. Woodcutter saw the glittering axe and calmy replied, "No, this is not mine. This is not for my any use." Goddess again dipped her hand and picked a silver axe and asked him, " This is your's ." The man looked again to this axe and told,"This is not my axe. Please help to return my own." Goddess further dipped her hand into water and took an iron axe. She then told him, "Look, wheather this is yours." The poor man looked hopelessly and replied gladly, " Yes, this is mine." Goddess happily told him, " You have passed your examination, you are really an honest man. I am too impressed to your belief of honesty and thoughts of hard working. I am giving you all the axes as rewarding. Gold and silver are valuable but your honesty is more precious." Goddess blessed him and dispersed in the river. The woodcutter came back home with a gratitute to divinity.

Moral of the story: Honesty brings own rewardings. Honesty is the best policy for ultimate rewards.
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