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An Analogy Between a Pencil and Human Beings with Five Golden Rules for Achieving Aim in Everyone's Life.

Mr. Johan, a spiritual narrator taught a mind blowing story in his every class. This is a very interesting illustration for achieving aim in everyone's life. He showed  a pencil and told to his students, "Just follow five golden rules which this pencil follows, you definitely get the success in your life." He looked to his students and told, "Perhaps you all are curious." He then told, " You all know that with a pencil, a picture can be drawn, a story can be written when it is hold by an artist or a writer. Otherwise it is worthless. So first rule is to find out someone who can distinguish you and hold you to bring out your capabilities. Prove yourself until he/she becomes ready to hold you." 

    Johan took a long breathing and started, " You can't use a pencil without sharpening time to time. It tolerates a painful experience. Otherwise it will become useless. This is the second rule. You will experience a painful sharpening time to time , by going through various problems in life, but you will need it to become a stronger person."

              After a pause he again started to tell, " You need to be flexible to  correct any mistake as anyone erase the mistaken writings by a pencil. This is the third rule of success."

       He explained, " You all see the different colors of outer surface of a uncut pencil but when it is written, it will scribe in the colors what is inside it. So the fourth rule is that the most important part of you will always be what's on the inside."

      "On every surface a pencil is used, it leaves a mark on it, no matter what the condition, it is ready to write. So fifth rule is that you must put mark on your horizon whatever the condition you face, you must continue your duties." Johan said to his students, "Allow this parable of the pencil to encourage yourself. Consider you can fulfill the objectives to which you are born to achieve."

Morals of the story: Encourage Yourself and feels your life can always make a significant change at every situation. 

Author: Md Kamaluddin

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