Essence of Nature's Creation| MDWIX Moral Stories| Be grateful to Almighty

Nature is build on Autonomy. Everything is judiciously allocated. Apparently something seems to be useless.

Maksim Alexander was a Russian businessman, he roamed several parts of the world for his trade concern. He went to western Asia for trade fare. He was in the Arabian desert mainly the western Yemen, a very hot region in the mid day light.
He had to ride on the back of camel hump throughput the sand sea. It was very hot in the noon. While he was passing by the firing sand, he felt thirsty. He was in the threshold to die. He seek a rest in the shadow but he could not find a single tree around him. Only bushes of cactus with large thorns were found. At last he approached to a bush but found no such place to sit, everywhere it was full of thorny branches. He was irritated and thought, "Why these unworthy bushes are here, no shadow, no fruit at all." Just few minutes he noticed that a flock of camel came to the bushes, swallowed some green leaf and quenched their thirst and went away. It rejuvenated them with fuel energy.

Maksim was watching to bushes. He realised the need of lone cactus. Nature has made them to feed the hungry camel in the desert.

Morals of the story:

1) Every natural creature is no doubt needful.

2) Be grateful to Almighty for His blessings and arrangements for universe.

Author: Md Kamaluddin
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