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                    John Agustin is the big boss in his publishing company. He manages his organization in good policy and strategy. He is too much promising. ambitious, and career optimist. He is not only good in his company but he was also a good student. He was a brilliant as well as a diligent student. He is successful both in his academic and professional career. She had completed his academic career with a distinction so all his classmates, teachers, professor praised for him.

 Russell William was his friend in his class, he was not a good scorer in his academic session. Both of them dwell in opposite pole but coincidentally both were in same trade in their future profession. After completing their education, John got a job in an international book agency as CEO but till then Russell did not get any job. 

            John as chief of his company emphasised on expansion of his company. He was also qualified in business management so it was well known about marketing strategy. Whole world is managing on corporate strategy, more sales, more prices and more profits. So he put efforts on better sales. He started costly advertising campaign for his sales growth, invested huge money in greater looks and get up of the books for the best exposure. It incurs cost inflation and increases the price of it's publication. All the books were good and more informative. But it was out of reach of marginal and poor students.

                 On the other hand, Russell had no way out and unable to engage himself in any job. Last he decided to sell old books in cheaper prices for benefit of poor and needy student. He organised social network for campaigning to donate used books or sold their old books to him. Gradually he arranged to open several books counters in multiple point at different places throughout his country, even he run several mobile book store to reach the books to the aspirants. He was happy to serve millions of countrymen.

        On golden jubilee of their college, John and Russel were invited in the ceremony. The dean of the college came on the stage, the old man just put his spectacle on his eyes and looked the gatherings, student was sitting in the audience chair and started to speak, "I feel very proud to see all my students are happy in their life. For hundred years, this institute is producing thousands of students who are established in their career. Hence our college management has decided to honor our ex-student with the prestigious 'Golden Jubilee Excellence Award' and we here gather to memorize the moments."

             John was very hopeful and confident for his success in his career, his eyes was glittering to own the prestigious prize. Russel was only think of his bad past, he felt disappointed for his lost of golden times. 

       Registrar of the college came to dais and lauded, " Based on survey and public opinion on best contribution of excellency, Mr. Russell William is selected for the Golden Jubilee Award for his contribution to the benefit for needy students. Russell woke up from  his subconscious state hearing his name in loud speaker and was spellbound, everyone in audiences claps their hands. Russel was weeping while he was receiving his prize.

Morals of the story: 

1) Do not be hopeless in hard times,  reconstruct you for an ultimate recognition. 

2) Devotion in need, one helps you indeed.

3) Social helping always helps you.

Author: Md Kamaluddin

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