Who is Angelo Moriondo? What is Espresso Machine & How does it work? MDWIX Dignitary

Angelo Moriondo-Inventor of Espresso Coffee Brewing machine.

           Every corner of the world, in morning at bed, tea or Coffee is taken. Tea is most favorable all most every where  & Coffee is highly loveable in European, American & North Asian Country. Now-a- days at every party or celebration coffee is more served than tea. 

Angelo Moriondo & espresso Machine

Coffee was not circulated before 13th century, it was only existed in the Arab Peninsula. As European traveler visited Arab States they got the taste of coffee & took coffee grounds with them. Thus in the seventeen Century it was got its popularity in the European states. Gradually it reached to Egypt, Persia & Turkey. Coffee was prepared by mixing grinded coffee, sugar & water in a pot and then it boiled. Turkey was first to use mechanised process. They started used find grinded coffee. They boiled water with sugar & poured Coffee before to served. 

      By the time there were several process machines like Bigin Coffee maker, siphon Pot, Percolators & so on. Finally espresso machine was invented by an Italian Business man called Angelo Moriondo. He was the son of an entrepreneur. His father, Giacomo had a liquor company. Later they introduced coffee business. Angelo was in search, how to brew coffee in more sophisticatedly. He invented this coffee brewing machine in 1884 in the Turin General Expo & awarded bronze medal with six years patent. In espresso machine pressurized steam & water are poured in coffee ground with mixed of sugar & Milk sometimes. 

      He left this world on 31st May in 1914. Google celebrated his 171st Birthday on 6h June in the year2022. He is no more with us but his invention exists in every corner of the world.

Author: Md Kamaluddin