Phantom Savior-Divine Revenge-A Fiction Story by Md Kamaluddin| MDWIX Digital Literature

A story of revenge of  a distressed Phantom. A supernatural fictional short story. MDWIX narratives.

               "Mom! Give me breakfast and make ready my lunch." -Alisa hurriedly told her widow mom, Selina. 

              "It is already late to reach at station  and now very hard to get the first passenger train, it is also too congested in the morning travel, I might be late in office."- Alisa was anxious to fail the weekly attendance threshold.

                   Selina was serving her breakfast and looked to Alisa, She murmured, "Oh! little Alisa, how you become the shelter in my lost world." She dubiously merged in recalling her miserable days of eight years ago, when Robin, Alisa's dad died in a road accident, while he was returning from his workshop. Traffic surgeon reached to Selina with a dead body wrapped in tarpaulin, Selina became senseless seeing, Robin was thrashed by a recklessly driven car, Alisa was only a ten years girl. Selina was crying! and crying! A ray of uncertainties was prominently reflected on her face. 
                  Alisa was then a working girl in a multinational company. She was an accountant. She had to work up to 6 p.m. in her normal duty schedule. Being the accountancy staff She had to stay extra one to two hours to close her daily balance sheet. Thus she used to return  to her home at 8 p.m. in the evening. This was the 20th December 1985, after five days there would be  the festival of Christmas. 

                   She wished to gift her mom some special for the Christmas. She was late to take the last train in Howrah railway station. She was looking at her watch. It was just five minutes away to reach the last train so she was worried to take the train on time. She hurriedly reached at the platform and found the train with just starting on its wheel. Alisa entered the compartment, it was the last compartment of the train.

             She was astonished that the compartment was merely passenger less. Alisa was so tired, just she was closing her eyelid. She was unconscious, opened her eye in talking of some one, she trembled in fear, as she found men were closed to her seat. All are seemed to be scoundrel, 

                     One of the brutal stranger held the chest, trying to unhook her shirt. She hopelessly resisted to save herself but all in vein, They started to molest such she lost her sense. She did not realize what had happened to her, She only saw four dead men were lying on the floor and heard the soft voice of a tall men standing in front of her. The man of uncanny told her, "You are my lost daughter kept at home for whom I always feel missed, not to rear her. Those scoundrel fiercely raptured my all hope and expectation. Now I breaks the claws of the brutal., still there I was unable to save me, I have continue to pay off debt to my family at least a spot on the journey," Alisa did not see him clearly but felt her daddy within the uncanny touch. The shadow man went to the gate of the compartment and vanished in the air. The train reached at Bandel junction station, Alisa felt a phantom bid a "goodbye". 

Author: Md Kamal Uddin

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